Monday, August 08, 2005

Big week

I ended my big training week yesterday. Here are the numbers:

Swim: 1050m
Bike: 148km
Run: 18km
Total: 167.5km

Sunday my plan was to do a big brick, 35 bike & 5 run. I did the bike no problem at all. It took me 1:06:51 to do 35km on the bike and then I hit the pavement for the run. I felt surprisingly good, but slow. I had put moleskin on my heel, but I think that hindered my run. It doesn't seem to stay in place very well on a sweaty heel and then it turns into something that's adding friction to my heel. I didn't end up with a new blister, but some of the new skin tore off. I stopped running at 4.3km, that took me 20:45. That pace puts my 6km time around 28:15, which is about what I'm expecting.

An 'easy' week this week:
Swim: 1000m
Bike: 60ish km
Run: 6-7km

Sorry to not post this sooner, I didn't realize there were such anxious readers!

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