Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Does it get any better?

Wednesday night is Daddy-Darcy night.

Tonight we were in the basement and Darcy was about to climb onto a couch. I said, "Darcy, come give Daddy a hug." She stopped what she was doing, walked clear across the basement and gave me a hug. Then I said, "And a kiss?" Smack! She planted it right on my cheek.

Although, I do wish she'd stop eating the stuffing from the couch.


Poop (Sarah) said...

Make sure you remember these times when she's 18 or 19, and giving that strange boy who only uses one syllable words, the same affection....lets hope the eating of couch stuffing period is long over, however!!!

Stef said...

Too cute!!! As for the couch stuffing, maybe she's on to a good thing? Have you tried it?

nickt said...

Poop - 18 or 19 with a boy? No, at 18 she'll be six years into her 18 year sentence in the basement.

Stef - She chews it, then makes a "Why did you let me put this in my mouth?" face and spits it out.