Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

I've gone running a couple of time since I sprained my left ankle. Saturday (3 miles) was the first time and then tonight, I ran home from work (4 miles). The ankle is 100% better for running. I need to rebuild some lateral strength in it, but that will come with time. I know that from experience. Not sure if it's related, but at the end of Saturday's run my right ITB was on fire and tonight there was mild pain again.

Since I first felt it, I've done LOADS of reading on the subject and found some fellow tri-bloggers who are currently suffering from the dreaded ITBS, or as it's sometimes known, IT BS. What I know is that running isn't truly the best option for me. However, my own shcedule forces me to rest for 3-4 days in between some runs, so I know I'm not going to overdo it. It's during those days off that I can really help myself by doing some of these stretches. If I'm patient with the recovery and I take care of the ITB, I'll be back to normal in about 3-4 weeks. No big deal, it's winter, what else am I going to do? After all, I'm better off treating this now and not risk greater injury later on down the road, when the training is more serious.

Ps: Happy 45th Birthday to The Great One.

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