Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Some people say that a sprain is worse than a broken bone. I wouldn't know, because I've never broken a bone. But twelve years ago I sprained my left ankle. It was brutal, it was during a phys. ed class, I was jumping and landed on someone else's foot. I can still remember my ankle bone touching the floor, from about six inches up. The exact sound was C R A C K ! Within minutes it was yellow and as big as a grapefruit. I went through physiotherapy, twice a week, for at least six weeks. Even after that I had trouble for a long time. Still to this day it stiffens up and cracks a dozen times a day.

Tonight, while almost half way into my 6.5 km run home, I stepped on a rock and turned my left ankle. It cracked, I screamed. Then I hobbled to a fence and screamed again; mostly because I immediately knew how serious this could be. This is the big disadvantage about running home, there's no short route if I don't think I can make it. But the pain wasn't fierce at all, so I gingerly kept going. I did run the whole way, but I definitely sprained my ankle again. It's not nearly as severe as it was, but I'll have to take at least a week off. That's the most frustrating part. I've got myself up over 20 km a week and now I'm going to have to rebuild. Argh.

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Why said...

See? This is why I don't do sports. It's too dangerous!