Thursday, January 05, 2006

One down

I've completed my first goal for the year.

I did a 10 km run on the way home from work. My regular route is 6.5 km and ends almost right at my door. So I was just going to add a small loop at the end et voila, 10 km! A simple plan. However, most of the afternoon it 'slushed' out, so I wasn't very thrilled at the prospect of running for 50 minutes through slush. Fortunately, there wasn't anything coming down when I started, for a few minutes I did have ice pellets and then some light rain, nothing too serious.

Things went really well. The hardest section was probably from 4-6. I can't really put my finger on why. Towards the end of my regular route, I do get thirsty. So to combat dehydration, I left a bottle out on the porch and picked it up on the way by. It was perfect. Getting something cold into my mouth really hit the spot.

At 7 km, I checked my time and then again at about 7.6 km. I was running a very steady pace of 4:55/km. At 8 km I went to check my time again, but my watch was gone. The metal strap broke a very long time ago and I've never found a good replacement. So I've always either carried it, put it in my pocket or worn Sue's watch. Today it was in my pocket. The best I can figure is that after I checked my time at 7.6 km, I tried to put it in my pocket and missed. So I altered my planned loop and did an 'out and back' section instead, hoping that I'd find it on the way back. No such luck, it's gone.

However, I miscalculated slightly on the 'out and back' and went further than I needed to. My run ended up being 10.36 km, according to gmaps pedometre. Based on the steady pace I was doing, that puts my 10 km time at 49:06 and my finish time at 50:53. Sweet.

Time to shop eBay for a good watch with a velcro strap.

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Stef said...

Finally! A new watch! No more watching and listening to you click that stupid broken strap.