Monday, March 20, 2006

Madness Baby!

I'm not a basketball fan, but I cannot resist following the NCAA tournament every year. It's one of those great equalizers in life. You don't have to know anything about basketball or you can follow every game, and the odds are you'll pick the NCAA tournament equaly. At work we do a pool for the world's tackiest trophy.

After night #1, I'm in first place. More updates to follow.


After the first weekend, I'm still leading the office pool. In the first round I picked 26 of 33 games (including the play-in game) and in the second round I picked 11 of 16 games. I have five of my elite eight still alive and all of my final four (Texas, UCLA, UCONN & Villanova). I've picked UCLA & Villanova in the final, with Villanova winning it all.

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