Monday, March 13, 2006

Running Hard

The weather has been amazing here recently. For my last couple of runs I've been wearing shorts. Last week it rained while I was out and when I came in Darcy took one look at me and said, "Dada, why ze watur?" I asked her, "Why is Daddy covered in water?" "Yeah." She was fascinated by the fact that my hair was soaking.

Today is was 18C while I was out, in shorts and a T-shirt, in mid-March. I love it here. The wind was very strong today, but lucky for me it was at my back the entire way (from work to home). I tried to pick things up a notch, but couldn't get the speed that I used to have. Still I managed a very respectable 29 minutes for 6.5 km. My legs felt great the whole time, but between 3-4 km I got a good side stitch. By the time I hit 5km, the hard breathing was getting to my gut. I've had no pain in either ITB for a couple of weeks now. Stretching works.

All in all, I should be happy with this run, but I'm always expecting more out of myself.

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