Friday, March 10, 2006

Race #1

The seasons first race for me is next Sunday morning. Our local Running Factory hosts the Spring Thaw 5K. The very informal DigiPrint Running Club seems to have disbanded after the Santa Shuffle in December. Chris discovered he has a bone spur on the ball of his foot and Lorne wasn't all the motivated to keep slugging through the winter months. Jake's going warp speed in his marathon training (he'll be running the London Marathon on May 14th). I've had a rough winter, two weeks lost to injury and another 10 days lost to sickness running through our house. So it'll just be Jake and I going at it next week.

I'm not expecting much. I haven't been working on speed, so I'll be happy to finish around 22 minutes.


Stef said...

What, you're not going to run the 21k Montreal Half Marathon on April 23?

nickt said...

I would, but I'm doing a concert weekend here that weekend.

I've heard that it's called the fastest 1/2 Marathon in the world, because it's run on the F1 track.