Monday, April 10, 2006

Long Weekend

I was telling Sue yesterday that Jake was doing a 22 mile training run yesterday. Her response was simple; why? Of course, he won't be able to go the full 26.2 on race day if he doesn't work for it now.

I've been part of a Youth Band of the Salvation Army for the last 3 1/2 years. We represent the region from Windsor to Woodstock. Right now we're in the process of planning a trip to Bermuda next May, as a return for hosting their band, which is coming here in November. Clearly we got the better end of that deal! I'm officially too old to be in the band, but I got roped into being on the planning committee and now I'm stuck. Anyone who knows me is probably thinking, "Yeah, it must be a real burden for Nick to have to play in a brass band and go on trips." Okay, I admit, there are some perks.

This weekend was one of those times. We had recording sessions on Friday night and Saturday morning. This meant for a short night Friday (home after midnight, gone by 7:15am), and a looong day Saturday. While I'm was practically falling asleep over my diner last night, it was worth it. For the same reasons Jake puts in huge miles for the marathon; you can't have the glory without the suffering.

I think that makes an interesting theme this week.

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