Saturday, April 29, 2006

Vocabulary Explosion

Darcy's vocabulary switch has been moved from "On" to "Overdrive". Apparently, she's right in the middle of the vocabualry explosion. Not everything is clear, but this week she's been non-stop putting two and three words together, she's also been trying out some big long words, like "Chocolate milk, please?" It's hard to resist such a polite little girl.

The other day Sue was getting her out of the car and said, "Darcy tell Daddy want you want." The kid looked me dead in the eyes and said, "Baby sister." The next thing I remember was the EMT's giving me mouth to mouth.

FOR THE RECORD, there is NO baby is process. While we're not ruling out the possibility of other little Titcombes, there is nothing to report. Period.

Apparently, Dora The Explorer had a baby sister and Darcy never stopped saying "Baby sister" all day long. Instantly aging both her parents 10 years in the process.

--- UPDATE ---

While there is still nothing to report, I've been informed (by my sister-in-law, Hi!) that Dora's mom actually had twins. A boy and a girl. So, apparently Darcy doesn't want anything to do with a baby brother, just a baby sister.


Stef said...

Heh, heh, heh!!!

Darcy's Mama said...

Imagine my response while driving the car home and out of the blue she says "I want baby sister". It couldn't have been clearer!

Why are we teaching her to talk?

Lynette Adams said...

Me too! I want a baby sister!