Thursday, August 03, 2006

After thoughts

It's Thursday and my legs finally feel normal again. I can walk downstairs again without any trouble and I had some decent power on my bike rides today. Which is good, because I'm going to do my first post-race run today. Just an easy 2 miles to remind my legs what it feels like to run. Hopefully they cooperate.

I was looking over my splits. Each 5 km got slower, not surprisingly.
5: 23.35
10: 24.37
15: 25.05
20: 25.35

This race offered free massages to anyone who signed up. I thought that was going to be a treat. The problem was that the tent was full of people who ran the 5 km race and were getting full-body massages, so the people who ran the 10 km had to wait for them and the people who ran the half-marathon (21.1 km) had to be last to get a massage. Jake told me that the same thing happened to him after running the Forest City Marathon (London) in May. He eventually saw an open table and just lay down. Someone got mad that he cut in front of her kids, who ran all of 2.5 km, but he didn't really care. After all he had just run a marathon, that's 42.2 km, if you care.

Maybe I'm coming across like a jerk (it's my blog, I can do that here), but does anyone who ran 5 km really need a 45 minute full-body massage? I ran 21.1 and I only wanted my legs. There's got to be a better method of giving free massages. Surely there could be cut-off time frames for the other races and then when the half-marathoners come in, they get priority? But again, unless you set the world record, does anyone who ran 5 km really need a massage? So after signing up, I waited around for almost 15 minutes and still had at least 20 minutes to wait when I decided to leave. That could be part of the reason that it took four days for my legs to feel like legs again.

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Stef said...

I didn't (don't) run at all and I need a full body massage (every 4-6 weeks). Sorry for your loss. Next time you're in town I'll hook you up with my massage therapist.