Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Being a Superhero

When I was a kid I wanted to be a Superhero, I mean who didn't? Superman: The Movie had come out, the Super Friends were on TV, Adam West was Batman, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk were all in their original and prime forms, even Wonder-Woman (to an extent) was pretty cool. An invisible plane? That's pretty cool. On some level, I'm still holding out hope that I just haven't yet tapped into my super-powers.

A couple of weeks ago we watched The Incredibles. When I say we, I mean that Darcy was in bed and Sue lasted 28 minutes before falling asleep. We tried it again recently and she made it the whole way. Sue's aunt saw it last year and emailed to tell us that Elastigirl reminded her of Sue. It was true, if not a little creepy, how similar they are. Having Darcy around has really put a cramp on how many movies we watch. We used to go see all the Oscar contenders and have a pretty good idea of who was going to win the awards. Slowly but surely we're catching up, we're still working on last years movies, but we're getting a bit of a life back, if "a life" means crashing on the couch at 8:30 pm Saturday night...

The movie was really good. I like the fact that they can make cartoons that aren't totally geared to kids. The premise of frivolous law suits forcing the government to ban 'supers' into hiding was pretty smart. There were some silly moments, but the makers did a great job of recreating that 70's spy movie feel to most it. In fact, the campy music and some of the plot lines were practically right out of the Bond flick "You Only Live Twice". For example, the egg shaped monorail system and the dasterdly evil mastermind that was going to launch a rocket out of a mountain, but it was that sort of device that I liked. It brought me back to those warm-fuzzy feelings of childhood imagining that I was going to be a Superhero one day.

I've realised that my dream has come true. According to the welcome Darcy gives me everyday, I am a super-hero. While I don't have super-human strength, I can't fly, disappear or spin webs out of my wrists, all I have to do is come in the door and she'll scream out, "DADA!" Then while she's running over, arms pumping, hands waving frantically, she'll keep saying, "Dares (there's) Dada. Halllooo Dada, haallllloo Da!" When she does get over to me, she asks me to take off my coat and boats. After all, once a super-hero comes into your house, you want them to feel welcome and to stay a while. Then she'll stand at my feet, with her arm stretched out above her head saying, "UP UP UP!" She will wait like that until I pick her up and she gives me a hug and plants a nice slobbery kiss on me.

Can it feel much more super than that?

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Stef said...

Of course Wonder Woman was cool - she had that cool head band and wrist bands! Although they weren't "super heros" - the 6 Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman were pretty cool in my books too. They had that whole cool sound when they did the bionic moves.