Friday, February 10, 2006

"Say it ain't so"

Gambling in sports. It seems to be the hot topic in the news.

This latest hockey gambling ring in just the latest in a long line of sports teams and players getting in trouble for gambling. Have you heard about "the Black Sox Scandal"? Remember Pete Rose getting banned for life? Even Michael Jordan got into hot water with gambling, but then he retired and his trouble disappeared.

According to the news, it looks like Rick Tocchet could easily serve some time for organizing this illegal gambling ring that involves some current and former NHL players, as well as Janet Jones (Wayne Gretzky's wife).

So, is The Great One involved? I'm willing to believe just about anything Gretzky says, so I'd sure like to think that he has kept his hands clean. If he had never married that "Yoko Ono" in the first place, he'd still be winning Cups for the Oilers.


Lynette Adams said...

Janet could totally make a living "Skating with Celebrities" - she should send them a resume.

Darcy's Mama said...

I was thinking she'd do better on the "celebrity" poker tour. It sounds like it would be more along her line of interest.