Monday, February 13, 2006

One Sick Family

Aside from the throat infection that Darcy has, and graciously passed on to me, since Friday night, this whole family has been down with a wicked fever, Olympic fever baby!
Admittedly, we are Olympic-junkies (2 medals so far!). It's way worse then just being addicted to them, it is all we watch, all day long for 16 straight days. When the games are over, there is some serious detox that happens. I would bet that I watch more TV during the Olympics than I do the rest of the year combined. Friday, for the opening ceremonies, we all wore Canada shirts. Darcy wore the hockey jersey she got from her Uncle. It fits really well now.

Darcy seems to have a natural love for the games. We were watching ski-jumping the other morning and every time the jumper would be in the air, she'd yell, "Weeeeeeeeeeeee!" Yesterday morning we were watching in our room and the gold medal ceremony for Canada came on. After Jen Heil got up on the top of the podium, Darcy pulled out the scale and stood on it (her own little podium), at attention, while the national anthem was played.

As has been said before, what a little nut.

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