Thursday, February 02, 2006

Proof of an Existing Parallel Universe?

Do you read Dooce? If are a parent of a child who is two years old or less, you should. If not, you should. She is just plain funny. Probably not the best things for kids to read, but her takes on parenting are dead on.

In fact, her accounts of raising a toddler apply so directly to our house that there have been many times that I've said to Sue, "Are you and Darcy Dooce and Leta?" or "How did she get into our house?" or "Where are the cameras?"

Recently she posted about being in the grocery store and catching someone singing along to "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." A day later the very same thing happened to me. Elmo-Mommy is a commonly heard in my house. But the one fact that obviously proves the relationship between Sue and Dooce is the fact that Leta and Darcy have the same bath toys. I mean, practically every kid in the developed world knows who Elmo is and worships him, but the same bath toys? It's not like we went out to Wal-Mart or Zellers and bought them. My cousin in Switzerland sent them to us. That's down right freaky.

The only discernible difference, other than the "recovering mormon" part, is that they have a dog.

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Why said...

Thanks for the tip, Nick. I checked out dooce and really enjoyed it; she writes so well. I've added it to my daily reads.