Monday, February 27, 2006

Feel Good Story of the Year

You may have already seen this story in the paper, on TV or floating around the Web, but it's worth as many mentions as it can get, here's another link.

The links are video about Jason McElwain, a 17-year-old senior at Greece Athena High in Greece, N.Y., a Rochester suburb. Jason, who is autistic, serves as the manager for the boys' basketball team. The coach let him suit up for the last regular-season game on Feb. 15, then put in the 5-foot-6 McElwain for the final four minutes, with the game well in hand. Jason threw up an airball the first time he touched the rock. Then he hit six (out of 10) three-pointers and one more long two on which his foot was touching the three-point line. In all, Jason scored 20 points in less than four minutes before his wildly ecstatic fellow students swarmed the floor and carried him off the court on their shoulders. It's really amazing to watch.

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Angry Gnome said...

That's a nice story but I like the one of the little hog in love with the gazelle.