Wednesday, February 01, 2006


In case you haven't heard, Super Bowl XL is this Sunday in Detroit. Windsor also gets to host a few events, we're going to a fan fest thing this weekend. I was in Detroit, for work, today and came back through downtown Detroit to take a peak at how the city looks. Wow. They have done a great job getting this place ready.

I think it gets a bad wrap from some pretty generalized stereotypes. Yes, there are some pretty nasty areas, but every big city I've been to has those. Anyway, the Super Bowl planning committee and the City of Detroit have done an incredible job cleaning things up. The downtown core is immaculate. There are banners everywhere, tents the size of city blocks to host outdoor activities, several sky-scrapers have 20 story bill boards on them. It felt pretty exciting to be down where all the action is taking place.

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